About Leave 10

The Disconnect

Americans are considered among the most charitable people in the world. According to the World Giving Index, 63% of them make charitable donations, 46% volunteer their time for causes they care about and 73% report helping strangers.

And yet… fewer than 8% include a gift to charity in their estate plans.

Leave 10 aims to change that disconnect by educating, inspiring and encouraging individuals to aspire to leave at least 10% of their estate to charity.

Leave 10 does this by:

  • Educating individuals on the vital role of philanthropy in families and estate plans

  • Serving as a resource on planned giving for nonprofits and professional advisors

  • Motivating individuals to include charitable organizations in their estate plans

What would our communities be without organizations that educate our youth, heal the sick, preserve and protect our natural resources, find cures for devastating diseases, rescue us during disaster, uplift our spirits through the arts and take care of the most vulnerable among us? We should all help ensure that these organizations remain strong, so they can continue to benefit succeeding generations.

If more Puget Sound residents include gifts to charity in their estate plans, the landscape of social causes in our region will be positively transformed forever. In addition, their charitable legacies will also help inculcate humanitarian values and behaviors in their families and communities.

Make the Pledge