For Individuals:
Why Leave 10

Because it’s an affordable way to give

Including a charitable gift in your will or by beneficiary designation are simple and feasible ways to support your favorite causes while not affecting your current financial security.

Almost anyone can leave 10% of whatever they have at the end of their lives to causes that have been important to them.

How to Leave 10

Because you can help make this world a better place

If more Washington residents include charitable gifts in their will or beneficiary designation forms, the landscape of social causes in our region will be positively transformed forever.

Getting Started with Giving

Because it’s a great way to give back and pay it forward

Take a moment to think how you and your family might have turned out without the help of important organizations that have contributed to your well-being, success and happiness.

A gift through your will is a wonderful way to give back and ensure that the less fortunate can experience the same opportunities you enjoyed.

Leaving a Legacy

Because it reflects your core values

Through your charitable gift, you are making a permanent statement of your values and inspiring your friends and loved ones by your example, further increasing your positive impact on the world.

Ways to Convey Your Values